QUBE cinema screen Cinema advertising is a highly effective medium in
any business owner’s marketing calendar.
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Cinema Screen Advertising

A wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor screen.* Surround Dolby digital sound. Pitch darkness.At this point, you might also hear that the advantages of a movie theater and that the advantages of movie theater advertising are intrinsically linked.
A movie theater supplies a generally captive audience. People paid for their ticket and they want to be there. The images on the screen don’t have to compete with most people’s No. 1 distraction: their phones. Most theaters ask customers to turn off their phones before the cinema ads begin to roll.

A movie theater is truly one of the “last frontiers” in terms of offering an advertiser an uncluttered media environment in which to present a message. Sitting in a movie theater may be one of those few times during the week when people are not working on a laptop or tablet and are looking at their phone while a radio or TV plays in the background. Even people who have grown impatient with commercials cannot fast-forward over cinema ads or rely on an ad blocker to obstruct them.

“Silence is golden” in movie theaters as soon as the house lights go down and the ads start to roll. Talking over a commercial in a movie theater.